Pre-Packaged Bison

We currently only sell directly from our ranch house by appointment only (don’t worry, we are always on the ranch). All of our pre-packaged meat has been processed by a USDA inspected facility. It is packaged in a heavy plastic vacuum-sealed packaging called Cryovac and then flash frozen for maximum quality. Additionally, we have been inspected and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture to sell raw meat.

Below are the cuts we currently have available:

Ground packages $13.20/lb
1-2 steaks per package
Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) $32.50/lb
Rib Eye $23.80/lb
T-Bone $22.40/lb
New York $21.60/lb
Flat Iron $18.50/lb
Top Sirloin $17.20/lb
Sirloin Tip $16.50/lb
Skirt $16.20/lb
Flank $16.50/lb
Tri-tip $14.90/lb
Chuck $13.20/lb
Cross Rib $13.50/lb
Whole Tenderloin $29.90/lb
Tongue $6.00/lb
Heart $6.00/lb
Liver $4.50/lb
Kidney $6.50/lb
Short Ribs $12.60/lb
Stew Meat $13.50/lb
Breakfast Sausage $14.00/lb
Soup & Broth Bones $6.25/lb

Prices are approximate as packaged product weight and cut size vary. Actual weights are used to calculate total value of package.

How to Order

Buying pre-packaged cuts from us is simple. Just call us at (541) 903-2861 and let us know which cuts you want and when you want to pick them up. It's that easy. We are located at 14042 SE Paulina Hwy, Prineville, OR 97754.